For this amazing project for Beer Victoria, from Mexico, our friends at Nash reached out to us to give birth to the main character of the spot: the Oracle.
Made of dirt, the character had to be realistic and his look had to match the dirt shot on location.
The full spot, direct by the Alaskas and post-produced by Nash.
There were two challenges for this character: the simulation and the look.
For the simulation, we used a mixture of techniques to make the dirt follow the animation of the face.
Then we used a second simulation to add the small stones and a lot of handcrafted details to make the character richer.
Some of the steps for the RnD of the character FX.
Besides the main character, we had to add elements to give more impact in the shockwave sequence. A lot of research and development went into finding the right timing and level of detail.
R&D of the smoke effects.
The final effect for this spot was growing plants. Since it wasn't in the original scope of effects for the project, we had to find the right balance between the look and feel of the effect within the time frame we had.
After some R&D, we think we nailed it!
R&D of the growing plants.
Production: Oriental Mexico
Director: Alaskas
Post Production: Nash
3d FX | Simulations: HardcoreFX

HardcoreFX Team

Supervisor | TD: Guilherme Casagrandi
Producer: Claudio Colângello
Senior FX Artist: Gustavo Braga
Junior FX Artists: Daniel Lobo & Luiz Reis
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