We´ve been called by our friends from DOPO for this amazing and challenging project: to build the visual concept for "richness that flow", which represents the core element for the single malt whisky The Singleton campaign. Although, the challenge wasn´t just that: we´ve had to create the pack shot in which the bottle was formed, having to match the KV created by the agency.
We´ve done the 3d animation and rendering, and the post-production was done by the talented hands of Juliano Storchi & The DOPO Team, which did not only the composite, but they raised the visuals of the 3d renders to a higher level.
The Singleton - Discover True Richness film.
Our main chalenge was developing the "overflow" effect, depicting the concept of "richness that flows", key component of The Singleton add.
For that, a mixture of techniques was used, from the simulation (a composition of cloth, fluid and "lines effects") to the composite done by Dopo, witha a lot of different AOVs to get to the "right" effect.
Some of the 3d steps of the "overflow" effect.
The pack shot was a chalenge by itself, since we´ve had to get as close as possible to the key-visual provided by the agency (and done in Photoshop using still images), but our version would be full 3d and animated.
The key-visual provided by the agency.
The 3d version, rendered in 15K and delivered in 20K resolution.
The progression steps of the pack shot.
And last, but not least, the sequence of the formation of the bottle, inspired by the Herradura Legend add, but for these we´ve had just a couple of weeks to pull it off, so we had to put some constraints to get as much quality as we could in a short amount of time.
Progression steps of the bottle formation sequence.
Thanks for watching!
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