Project done at Casablanca SP for the Protex brand.

We were asked to make cg shots for the ad, one with fluid simulation, one demo scene and one pack shot.

The chalenge, besides the deadline, was on handling the mix betwen the two types of fluid with a natural look. After some tests, I came up with a solution using custom attributes to make opacity falloffs to the geometry and used that in the shading environment.

ven though the aired version was rendered with arnold, I made another version with mantra, to see how it could handle the mix betwen the fluids and I changed the edit to include my version of the first scene.
The full ad plus the breakdown.
Here, just the simulation, without time warp.

To create the falloffs used to blend the fluids, I used custom point clouds to calculate where the falloffs should be applied.
Screenshot of the simulation.
Additional data used inside the simulation.
The main network setup.
The network used to build the main body of fluid (cream) and additional fields to be used in the simulation.
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