Our friends at Dirty Work invited us to come on board this fantastic project and solve the difficult task of doing several tricky FX shots for the worldwide launch of the Coca-Cola Marshmello label, flavored with strawberry and watermelon.
Our skilled team of TDs and our ever-evolving Shotgrid-Houdini pipeline came to the rescue and save the day.
Here are some of the beautiful concepts and references provided by Dirty Work, to help direct our work.
And here are some breakdowns of the development steps.
Asset 03 - Shot 03 Development.
The development wasn't always linear, since the animation/simulation must work on the edit, therefore a lot of testing was needed to find the sweet spot.
And bellow, the finished videos. Kudos to Dirty Work on the incredible job they did on the look-dev and post production on our simulations.
Production: Dirty Work
Direction: Dirty Work
Post Production: Dirty Work
3d FX | Simulations: HardcoreFX

HardcoreFX Team

Supervisor | TD: Guilherme Casagrandi
Producer: Claudio Colângello
FX Artists: Raul Rodrigues, Daniel Lobo, Luiz Reis & Guilherme Bermud

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