In this project, I had the abstract task of showing how the new Danoninho Pomar is made with tiny fruit rasps.
The initial briefing was simple: the apples were going to be separated in tiny pieces that would take a dive in the Danoninho cup. The problem was pleasing the client with a smooth and convincing transformation.
After some iterations, I believe I achieved that with a mix of particle and cloth simulation, all done in Houdini.
The simulation went from a simple particle sim to a cloth simulation, driven by a particle system.
In the last step, I had to remove the shell of the apple, keeping the animation intact.
The apple pieces were imported from Maya, prepared and cut for the simulation.
The main simulation used a hybrid approach, where a particle sim was used to drive the cloth, keeping the movement compatible with the previous approach.
The simulation used a simplified version of the geometry, that was used to drive the hi-res geometry.
The main assets used in the project.
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