I was brought to this project during the pre-production stage, when I was tasked to look dev the magic fiber optics cable that travels through the scenes, representing the speed of VIVO as a internet provider.

The first option was a mix of photoreal and magic 3d cable, tracked through the camera.
After a lot of changes from the agency and the director, they decided to go for a more simple aproach. Since I was already tasked in building this asset, I ended up doing the entire process in houdini, including the pre-composite.

That was worth it, since with a full procedural approach, I could deliver 4-5 scenes in less then 2 hours and continue to work in other projects.

Even though the final piece don´t use complex effects, it´s another masterpiece from brazilian director´s Claudio Borrelli that I had the pleasure to work for.
Two of the movies that we did for VIVO, showing the kung-fu girl.
The workflow I developed to generate the fx.
Although the fx were simple, we had to deliver several shots in a few hours, and sometimes we were doing more than one film at once.

In the end, we did more than 15 movies for this campain (including different versions) and I single handled all the fx while doing other projects in parallel.
The pre-composite in houdini´s built-in compositor (cops).
The network that generated all the assets.
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