This tool was built to improve houdini´s texture pipeline efficiency. The tool is flexible enough to improve tiled textures appearance with ease or to create complex shader fx.
The main idea came from Natan Zuanaci´s Modo texturing workflow with Modo´s texture replicator.
Since then, I improved the tool beyond Modo´s.
The tool was build using python, vex and vops.
The video shows the key features of the tool.
Comparison between traditional tiling and the 'replicated' tiling method. Just a single texture file was used.
The houini logo was built with 703 houdini icons. The icons change size acording to ocean´s height.
The ocean´s surface and the points used to scatter the textures.
The bullet holes were built with just one texture, displacement and shader fx. Could be improved even further with more texture variations.
The red dots were used to place the hole textures. The blue ones were rendered as debris.
The asset´s 'brain'.
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