This tool was designed to enhance the look of a broken object without the need of dense geometry or slow simulations and solve the ever increasing demand for more realistic renders and tighten deadlines, in the broadcast environment.
The tool works well with rounded surfaces.
Can preserve sharp edges and flat surfaces without noticeable artifacts.
There is no uv distortion in the process.
The math behind it works "per vertex", so it can work with deforming geometry.
It uses a radial basis function to calculate the deformation without noticeable artifacts and can even work with displacement in the unbroken (glued) geometry.
This "production case scenario" was rendered with sss, a bump map on top of the outside displacement and inside displacement.
An activation attribute was used to reveal the edges of the pieces right before falling down.
Here is the same frame as previous image, without the edge displacement.
The geometry doesn´t need to be subdivided.
The original geometry of the boots (post triangulation).
The displacement can be previewed in a subdivided geometry.
The guides can preview the displacement too.
The shader of the boots.
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